Delayed Marriages from Astrology point of view

There was a time in India when women in her late 20’s & early 30’s would not just be married, but would have also moved from a role of a wife to that of a “Mother”. – Gone are those golden days (looking at current trend in India, especially urban areas).

Lot of things have changed in last 3 /4 decades and certainly comparison with older generation is not fair, when early marriages were generally prevalent. But still, this underlying problem of late marriages is what most people have to encounter in their lives – be it for their daughter or sisters. Astrologically speaking what could be the reasons for it –

1)      Astangat or combust Venus (generally seen in men)

2)      Weak afflicted 7th house

3)      Dasha of malefic planets or of planets not supporting marriage

4)      And most importantly people not acting according to inherent promise in horoscope –

Not making most of the good dasha or gochar (transit) and having unrealistic expectations  – So when you are running a good supportive dasha for marriage and also favorable transit from planets, generally people willing to get married, start receiving proposals. Now it is time for such people to accept what nature is offering (of course deciding the best possible partner and in some cases having realistic expectations also helps -J). If you miss this opportunity, never know when the next one comes, may be after 3 /4 years.

Rejecting proposals from prospective partner, just because of location – For instance in a bride’s horoscope, it is indicated that she may have to leave her birth place and settle somewhere else after marriage (may be in a foreign country or different state), but her parents or bride is adamant by restricting her search for a boy who stays nearby. In this process they end up rejecting all the prospective grooms who stay far from her place and before they realize it is too late.

So for all the girls or even for that matter Men, who are looking to get married, it is better to get your horoscope scrutinized from a good astrologer to know when it is that you are likely to get married (to know the year is sufficient, so that you are ever alert in that year) and also about inherent potential that your horoscope carries, so you don’t search for your partner in a restrictive manner.


Astrology Match Making System

The match making system followed today in India is generally the Guna Milan or point system, which is based just on constellation and Moon sign of the concerned 2 individuals. Bare minimum of 18 points or Guna should be scored between the two horoscopes for a match to be deemed fit for marriage. This is a completely flawed system of looking in to match making and does more harm than help. Let’s see why -

Just think, is marriage only about or Nakshatra (constellation) & emotional compatibility (governed by moon) as practiced in by Guna Milan system? No, it can not be as marriage is also about

  • Love & Physical compatibility (Mars & Venus),
  • Financial well being (need to scrutinize various houses in horoscope of the native) Promise of at least 1 child in horoscope – you may marry a highly qualified and well earning bride, but what if she has no promise in her chart to deliver a child? (seen from 5th house and strength of Jupiter)
  • 7th house free from serious damage (some conflicts are acceptable, but if serious afflictions are caused to 7th house, it can result in chaos in married life and sometimes lead to divorce as well)
  • And last but not least the SOUL (Sun).

So when above matters are the most essential ones, why do people overlook and just settle for Guna Milan? Reasons could be just to save time and effort, as digging deep in to horoscope needs time, effort and of course some expertise as well. So both astrologers and the people have accepted this redundant system of match making, which is nothing but fooling yourself. We at New Age Astro, believe that make match making  is much more than Guan Milan and in the cases where match is not recommended (just based on guna Milan/point system), we can see other aspects to see whether actually marriage is suitable or not. You can avail our match making service here -

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